Raspberry Pi initial image information

Device internals

The default RPi3 image is running these three Linux platforms:

  • alpine-hostpot: automatically brings up basic cabled networking and sets up a hotspot with SSID "pantademo-XXXXX" (XXXXX = last five digits of device's MAC address).
  • pv-avahi: it uses DNS multicast for device discovering.
  • pvr-sdk: contains a ssh server to help in development and debugging.

The example image provided is running a few more things to help in development and debugging. For example there is a full busybox instance next to Pantavisor, including a telnetd that allows you to introspect the root mount namespace to get more familiar with the system internals.

Access to your device

Send your ssh key to the device

IMPORTANT: The following instructions assume you already have claimed your device in pantahub.com.

You can connect to the device with ssh. Firstly, you have to insert your ssh public key in your pantahub device's metadata.

In Linux, you can create a ssh pair and print your public key with these commands:

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C "your_email@example.com"
$ cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub

Now, copy the output of the last command.

Go to your pantahub.com dashboard:

Go to your devices:

Click on your newly claimed device in your device list. In the tab metadata, you can create a new pair in user-meta with this data:

key: pvr-sdk.authorized_keys
value: <your-copied-ssh-public-key>

Connect with ssh and telnet

IMPORTANT: It is assumed for all commands that is the reachable IP address, however this might be different depending on what you get from your local network. You can check the assigned IPs for all network intefaces in your pantahub.com device's metadata.

In order to make reach your device, you can either use the ethernet connection, or the hostpot with the following credentials:

ssid: pantademo-XXXXX
pass: pantacor

SSH server (dropbear) should be accessible with this command:

$ ssh -lroot -p 8022

Once we are inside inside, we can get to telend in pantavisor:

$ telnet localhost

From pantavisor telnetd, we can access the platforms via lxc-console. To get a session in the alpine-hotspot platform:

$ lxc-console -n alpine-hotspot

user: root password: pantacor