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Operation Modes

Pantavisor control socket allows for fully interaction with the device without cloud. As a consequence, Pantavisor can operate in two different modes.


This is the traditional way of doing things for Pantavisor. To enter this mode, you will have to claim your device. From that moment on, your device will try to constantly keep connection with Pantahub, receiving user metadata that is set on the cloud, sending device metadata from the device or any of the containers, and of course, waiting for new updates posted in Pantahub.


Any device that is not claimed is waiting to be registered and claimed in Pantahub, unless you set local mode permanently before build time. Even if you do not configure it that way, communication can be cut down in remote mode after an update from pv-ctrl socket API. After the new locals revision is put and run, the device will no longer try to communicate with Pantahub. Local mode can be reverted by running again a run command back to a remote revision.

This mode will leave all device management in the hands of the pv-ctrl client. With the help of the HTTP API you will be able to execute orders into the Pantavisor state machine, clone and install revisions and manage metadata.