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Pantavisor disks

Pantavisor disks is a way to define the physical storage medium (aka disks).

Disk configuration

Example of disks.json:

cat disks.json
        "default": "yes",
        "name": "built-in",
        "path": "/storage/disks/",
        "type": "directory"
        "name": "dm-versatile",
        "options": "....",
        "path": "/storage/dm-crypt-file/disk1/versatile.img,8,versatile_key",
        "type": "dm-crypt-versatile"
        "name": "dm-caam",
        "options": "....",
        "path": "/storage/dm-crypt-file/disk1/caam.img,8,caam_key",
        "type": "dm-crypt-caam"
        "name": "dm-dcp",
        "options": "....",
        "path": "/storage/dm-crypt-file/disk1/dcp.img,8,dcp_key",
        "type": "dm-crypt-dcp"
Key Value Default Description
default yes/no N/A when defined, all volume without specific disk name will use this configuration
name disk unique name Mandatory unique name of the disk to be used in container run.json
path mount destination path Mandatory destination mount path in case of directory. For crypt disk, please refer below
type directory/crypt/uuid/.. Mandatory Type of the disk
options N/A N/A options to be passed for mount command with -o

Disk Types

There are currently 4 disk types supported,

  • Directory
  • Device Mapper crypt using without hardware accelaration (versatile)
  • Device Mapper crypt using i.Mx CAAM
  • Device Mapper crypt using i.Mx DCP

Device mapper crypt disk follows a special pattern in path, for example

"path": "/storage/dm-crypt-file/disk1/file.img,8,key"

file.img: is the disk file which will be encrypted (created during first boot if not present) size (in Mega Bytes): size used to create the disk file key filename: name of the key file which needs to be created using respective tools (e.g. caam-keygen for i.Mx CAAM)