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Working with Pantavisor

PVR CLI vs. Pantabox Utilities

To begin using Pantavisor and Pantacor Hub, you can either install the pvr command line interface (cli) or you can take advantage of the Pantabox utilities that come with an initial prepared image.

If you're not using the cli, then jump ahead to a tutorial that matches your device:

If you don't want to use PVR command line utility and prefer the option of working locally on the device, then download an initial pre-compiled image for your device type that includes our convenient Pantabox utilities. You will also be able to log into and sign up for Pantacor Hub from Pantabox, but this is not required.


There's no harm in having both the cli and Pantabox at your disposal. They both have the same functionality and you may find one more convenient over the other.

Getting started with Raspberry Pi

After you've either installed the PVR CLI or you've opted to use the Pantabox utilities from the initial image for Raspberry Pi, then follow one of these beginner tutorials:

Getting started with other devices

If you are not using a Raspberry Pi, take a look at these guides:

After your device is set up

Once your device is setup, take advantage of Pantacor Hub and Pantavisor to develop and deploy applications and system components to your device. These walk-throughs describe how to do that:

Technical deep dives and API integration

For more in-depth documentation on how to build Pantavisor and what it's architecture looks like, here are some reference guides and other tutorials: