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Open the pvtx API


It is important to notice that this operation will open a port for development of a device in your LAN, and thus is insecure and not suited for production devices.

This is necessary if you need to use either pvtx UI or locally manage your device using pvr. It is only going to be possible if the device has the pvr-sdk container running, which is available in our initial images. The pvtx API will serve as an endpoint for communication with the both the pvtx UI and pvr and then will direct the orders to Pantavisor via pvcontrol.


Bear in mind that opening your device to local pvr will not close the door to remotely manage it, the same way a remote device can be locally controlled. After a local revision is installed, the device will stop communicating altogether with Pantacor Hub, but this can be reverted by going back to a remotelly installed revision or revision 0.

What we are going to do here is to add a configuration overlay for pvr-sdk. More specifically, we are going to change a configuration file to open the endpoint for hosts in your local network. This can be achieved locally, by using pantabox or remotely, using pvr itself. In any of the two cases, we are going to create this configuration file in the new revision:


With this content:

  "httpd": {
    "listen": "",
    "port": "12368"

This will allow you to perform cloning and posting revisions to your device IP in your local network using the 12368 port. Also, it will open the pvtx UI in that port.