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PV Deps CI Reference

This template can be used from any of the Pantavisor BSP dependency project in Gitlab.


To start using the pvdeps-ci template, just import it from your .gitlab-ci.yml:

  project: 'pantacor/ci/device-ci'
  ref: '011'
  file: '/yml/pvdeps-ci.yml'

Environment variables

GitLab CI variables used by the template:

Key Value Default Description
PHUSER string mandatory Pantacor Hub user that owns the to-be-updated devices
PHPASS string mandatory Pantacor Hub password
PH_TARGET_DEVICE string empty Pantacor Hub device name. Several can be set separated by space character
ARTIFACT string empty Name of the -generic target you want to use in your device. Several can be set separated by space and it must be one for each target device configured

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to set your variables to Masked so they can not be seen in the GitLab log!