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Pantavisor Metadata

Pantavisor metadata at run time. It allows data transfer between Pantahub and your devices.

First, check out our device metadata how to guide if you don't know how to do set it.

SSH Authorized Keys

Prerequisites: create a SSH pub key in your host computer.

key: pvr-sdk.authorized_keys
value: <ssh pub id>

Expected result: SSH is now accesible from the host computer. More info here.

pvr Auto-Follow

Prerequisites: your device has our pvr-sdk app.

key: pvr-auto-follow.url
value: <pvr clone URL>

Expected result: the device will automatically pull every change in the device associated to that URL.

Push logs to Pantahub

DEPRECATED: use change configuration instead.

key: pantahub.log.push
value: "1" or "0"

Expected result: the device will stop pushing logs to Pantahub if value is "0". If this metadata pair is not configure, it will push the logs by default. This metadata will override the "log.push" value from pantavisor configuration.

Runtime configuration

key: <any pantavisor config key>
value: <config value>

Metadata can be used to modify Pantavisor configuration.