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Pantavisor Metadata

This page contains reference information about Pantavisor metadata.

Device metadata

This is the device metadata created by Pantavisor that will give you useful information about your device:

Key Value Description
interfaces json network interfaces of the device
pantahub.address IP:port Pantacor Hub address the client is communicating with
pantahub.claimed 0 or 1 1 if claimed in Pantacor Hub 0 or 1 1 of connection to Pantacor Hub was established
pantahub.state init, register, sync, idle or update see Pantacor Hub states
pantavisor.arch string CPU architecture
pantavisor.cpumodel string CPU model name
pantavisor.mode local or remote see operation modes
pantavisor.revision string revision number
pantavisor.status string revision status
pantavisor.version string Pantavisor build
storage json disk usage of the device
pantavisor.uname json information about the current Kernel
sysinfo json memory usage statics
time json time information

User metadata

This is the user metadata that can be set by the user which is parsed and have some actions on Pantavisor:

Key Value Description
pvr-sdk.authorized_keys SSH pub key set public key to get SSH access
pvr-auto-follow.url URL device will automatically pull every change in the device associated to that clone URL
pantahub.log.push 0 or 1 disable/enable log pusshing to Pantacor Hub. Enabled by default. Overrides log.push
config-key config-value override some of the configuration values
container/key value send user metadata that can be consumed by one of the containers