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pantabox-claim -- claim your device in a hub compatible cloud solution




This command allows you to claim the device to a Pantacor Hub compatible cloud service (the default is

You can only claim it if the device has never been claimed. The device also needs to be connected to Internet and in remote mode.

To check if your device is available to be claimed, look in the top right corner of the console where you should see MODE: CLAIM or MODE: REMOTE.

how the claim mode look like


If you started your device in local mode and you have several updates before you claimed your device run, make-factory to force your current revision to 0 and causes the device to go remote. Afterwards, you will be able to claim your device.


  1. Start the claiming process with:


  1. Login to your hub account. If you don't have an account create a new one inside the console.

login or create account prompt

  1. If the claim process was successful, you will see MODE: ONLINE in the top right of the console and a success dialog.

claiming process success

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