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Getting back to revisions, these can be modified and upgraded, thus creating a new revision of the device.

Updates will be processed differently depending on the source being remote or local.

Pantavisor will report the update state from the moment the update is acknowledged until it is finished. Pantavisor will only progress to the new revision in case of success. Otherwise, no action or rollback will ensue, depending on the point where the error is detected. This is the list of update states:


Only valid for remote updates.

Pantavisor has got the state JSON of the new revision, but is performing other operations and has put it to the queue to be processed later.


Only valid for remote updates.

Downloading the artifacts for the new revision.


Installing or progressing to this revision. Transitions to new revisions can either require a reboot or not.

To finish this state, it is necessary that all status goals existing in the new revision have been achieved. Also, in the case of a remote update, Pantavisor needs to have performed communication with Pantacor Hub. If these two conditions are not met within a configurable time, Pantavisor will rollback the revision.

Reboot transition

Reboot transitions are performed based on the location of the changes belonging to the new revision update:

In this case, Pantavisor will stop all the containers and reboot the board.

Non-reboot transition

Non-reboot transitions are performed after an update that does not contain any changes in any of the components described for the reboot updates.

In this case, Pantavisor will only stop the containers that were affected by the update and restart them with the recently installed new revision artifacts.


Waiting to see if the revision is stable. During this stage, Pantavisor checks if all containers are running and will rollback if any of them exits. Besides that, in the case of a remote update, it will also rollback in case Pantacor Hub communication is lost.


The revision is stable, but the update did not need a board reboot, so the rollback point is not set until you force a reboot.


The revision has been fully booted and is stable. The rollback point is set.


The new revision cannot be parsed because of a bad state JSON format, so it is aborted.


The new revision failed during INPROGREES or TESTING stages. Pantavisor will try to rollback to the latest DONE revision.