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Pantavisor Coding Style

Pantavisor coding style is based on the Linux Kernel one with minor modifications. You can check our .clang-format file here.

Check Your Code Style

Before submitting changes to Pantavisor, it is important to check if your code style honors the one defined in the previously mentioned .clang-format. To do so, you can use our building tools:

./ rpi64-5.10.y init-codecheck

If there is some code mismatch, a detailed error message will appear, like:

init: Checking 'c' files...
--- /dev/fd/63  2022-07-19 10:16:04.152675578 +0000
+++ /dev/fd/62  2022-07-19 10:16:04.152675578 +0000
@@ -1453,8 +1453,8 @@
                &config_list, "secureboot.mode", SB_LENIENT);
        config->secureboot.certdir = config_get_value_string(
                &config_list, "secureboot.certdir", "/certs");
-       config->secureboot.checksum =
-               config_get_value_bool(&config_list, "secureboot.checksum", true);
+       config->secureboot.checksum = config_get_value_bool(
+               &config_list, "secureboot.checksum", true);


@@ -18196,8 +18196,7 @@
        struct pv_object *o;
        struct pv_json *j;

-       if (getenv("pv_quickboot") ||
-               !pv_config_get_secureboot_checksum()) {
+       if (getenv("pv_quickboot") || !pv_config_get_secureboot_checksum()) {
                pv_log(DEBUG, "state objects and JSONs checksum disabled");
                return true;
make: *** [/home/anibal/pantacor/src/bsp/alchemy/classes/ init-codecheck-c] Error 1


It is important to fix these errors before pushing them upstream, as the CI will run this same code check command.

Fix Your Code Style

To automatically format your files, you can just use clang-format-13:

clang-format-13 -i ctrl.c

After this, run the code check command again:

./ rpi64-5.10.y init-codecheck

This will happily result in success:

init: Checking 'c' files...
+ restore_kernel_logo
+ '[' -f /home/anibal/pantacor/src/bsp/kernel/linux-stable/drivers/video/logo/logo_linux_clut224.ppm.backup ']'
+ mv /home/anibal/pantacor/src/bsp/kernel/linux-stable/drivers/video/logo/logo_linux_clut224.ppm.backup /home/anibal/pantacor/src/bsp/kernel/linux-stable/drivers/video/logo/logo_linux_clut224.ppm -f