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Get the Logs

There are two ways of getting the logs from your device: web or console.

The logs can be monitored from the Pantahub Dashboard, in the Console tab:

If you prefer to use the terminal, you can use the pvr logs command to conveniently tail the current log stream of your device. For example, if we wanted to get the pantavisor logs from device 5df394ec94a09300095bfab7 and revision 291, we would use:

pvr device logs --rev 291 --source=/pantavisor.log 5df394ec94a09300095bfab7

If you want to stop the upload of logs to the cloud from your device, you can use metadata during runtime, or using pantavisor configuration. If you prefer to change how these logs are pushed or add another logs from your app, continue to our push logs page.

Notes: how does the device send the logs to Pantahub?

Getting the logs for your systems happen through the pantahub /logs endpoint. By default, Pantavisor will itself use such log facilities to make all relevant logging information accessible.