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First step will be to download our pre-compiled tarball to your device. You can do that using one of the appengine targets that matches your device's architecture from our download page:

mkdir /tmp/appengine
wget -O /tmp/appengine/appengine.tar.xz

Next step is to decompress and run the installation script setting the installation path of your choice. This will take care of the rest of the setup:

tar -xf /tmp/appengine/appengine.tar.xz -C /tmp/appengine/
sudo /tmp/appengine/install /opt/pantavisor

That should take charge of installing App Engine in your system, if you want to see other options for the installation script, you can do it by:

/tmp/appengine/install -h

To uninstall Pantavisor App Engine, just run the script that will be present in the installation path:

sudo /opt/pantavisor/uninstall

This will clean any trace of Pantavisor, its dependencies, installed revisions and Pantacor Hub credentials (Pantacor Hub will not be able to communicate with your device anymore).