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Build Components

Build components at compile time.

Build individual components

You can build individual components of the system by calling the module directly as secondary target.

This builds the Pantavisor binary and all its dependencies:

./ malta-qemu init

This builds the pv_lxc container runtime plugin for Pantavisor:

./ malta-qemu pv_lxc

This assembles the initrd image '0base.cpio.xz' from all build assets:

./ malta-qemu image

You can also clean individual components by appending -clean to the build subtarget:

./ malta-qemu init-clean

This runs the 'trail' assembly step, which results in the final PV-trail for storage:

./ malta-qemu trail

Module management

Modules can be added or removed just by adding a new file inside the build tree and modifying the alchemy module configuration for a given target.

To check if the current configuration corresponds to the state of the tree:

./ malta-qemu config-check

To actually make changes on the target configuration, efectively adding or removing modules:

./ malta-qemu config-update

Code check

To run the clang format check on Pantavisor source code, just append the -codecheck suffix to the init subtarget:

./ malta-qemu init-codecheck