Raspberry Pi 3 troubleshooting

This section contains things you can do to debug the boot up process in a pantavisor Raspberry Pi 3 device. We are going to focus on getting the kernel log, we can use either HDMI (recommended) or TTY.


Connecting and HDMI cable to Raspberry before booting up should show the kernel log when starting up the board.


TTY debugging will need a pantavisor image built with the debug option. With such image, you have to connect the Raspberry Pi board to the USB-to-TLL board (or similar) following this indications:

Raspberry Pi Board USB to TTL
Pin 6 GND
Pin 8 RXD
Pin 10 TXD

IMPORTANT: To Identify the Pins(6,8 & 10) on the board, please check below:

Then connect the USB-to-TTL board to your computer:

After this, these are the preparations you have to made in each OS before booting up the device.



Mac OS

First, you need to install CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers:

Verify the USB-to-TLL board is detected by your computer:

ls /dev/cu*

Now, to sniff what you get from the serial cable, you can use screen

screen /dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART 115200 -L

You will see a blank terminal waiting for Raspberri Pi 3 input. It is time to turn it on.