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Init Mode

Pantavisor offers several configurable init modes for convenience: embedded, standalone and appengine.

Embedded Mode

This is the way Pantavisor was meant to be run. In this case, the bootloader will directly start up Pantavisor, which will run alongside a minimal rootfs with all its dependencies.

Standalone Mode

This mode was created for debugging Pantavisor. It works the same way as embedded, with the bootloader starting Pantavisor up. The difference is Pantavisor will not launch any container or perform any of its regular operations. To do so, Pantavisor has to be manually run from console inside of the device.

App Engine mode

App Engine mode is meant for prototyping on already setup devices running any Linux distro. In this case, Pantavisor will run as a daemon that can be started from your init system or directly from console.


You can get more information about how to run Pantavisor in our how-to guides.