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Choose your Way

We try to keep management of your devices open and not force a single path. With management, we mean updating the device, getting its logs, sending and receiving other useful metadata, etc. This can be done mainly in two ways:

If this is your first time, we recommend you to go with the remote experience and Pantacor Hub, as it is the simplest and most visual way to get started. However, if you prefer the local experience, Pantabox offers both a ncurses menu UI and a CLI tool, while pvtx allows basic management from a web UI stored on the device itself.

For both remote and local experiences, we have developed pvr, a CLI tool for management of devices from the host computer.


Remote and local modes can be switched during execution time in a Pantavisor-enabled device, so you are not burning bridges just by starting with one or the other!

Once you have a grasp on our management tools, you will be able to move on to more advanced stuff to get the most out of Pantavisor.