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pantabox-edit -- edit a pantavisor container configuration




Edit a Pantavisor container configuration. Every Pantavisor container has the following configuration files for configuration:

├── lxc.container.conf
├── root.squashfs
├── root.squashfs.docker-digest
├── run.json
└── src.json
  • src.json this file defines the source container for Pantavisor. You can configure volumes and LXC containers if you needed.
  • run.json defines how Pantavisor runs the container. This is generated from the src.json when you install an app from a Docker container.
  • root.squashfs is the result of converting the Docker layers to be used by Pantavisor.
  • root.squashfs.docker-digest this is the digest of the Docker container. It consists of the full Docker URL and SHA digest.
  • lxc.container.conf saves the autogenerated configuration for the LXC container. If your Pantavisor configuration was generated directly from a docker application, don't modify the lxc.container.conf directly, use the src.json to add LXC configurations instead.

pantabox is Copyright (c) 2021 by Pantacor Ltd.