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LimeSDR Mini USD on RPi

This tutorial requires a LimeSDR mini USB on a Pantavisor-enabled device. You can easily set up Pantavisor on Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with a pre-compiled image. Download the initial device image and then follow the rest of the instructions from here.

With the device set up and connected to the network, continue on with the next section.

Cloning and resetting the device

Claim the Pantavisor-enabled device, before connecting the LimeSDR micro USB to the board. Then log into Pantacor Hub to view the device on the dashboard.

Clone the device URL to your computer. Cloning creates a device representation on your host computer that allows you to modify, commit, and post a new revision to Pantacor Hub. After you've posted the new revision to the hub, the device downloads it and resets.

Adding Pantavisor apps to test your LimeSDR device

The table below displays a few Pantavisor applications that you can use to test your LimeSDR. Add these to the device with the app add command.

Since these apps take control of the LimeSDR micro, you can only run one at a time on your board. To delete a Pantavisor app and make room for another one, remove the app folder from the device after you've checked it out of the repository. When complete, don't forget to add, commit and post your changes to the device repository. See pvr commands for more information

Note that these apps are developed for the ARM architecture:

Name Source pvr Command
limeScan link pvr app add --from limescan
osmocom link pvr app add --from osmocom
limeSNA link pvr app add --from limesna
SDRangel link pvr app add --from sdrangel