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pvcontrol -- manage your pantavisor system with a CLI


pvcontrol [options] [commands] [arguments]


pvcontrol is a CLI tool to interact with your Pantavisor system that will allow to monitor and manage your device.


-h Show help

-v Verbose

-s Send queries to socket (default: /pantavisor/pv-ctrl)

-f Send output to file instead of stdout

-m Commit message (only used for steps install and steps put)


ls List all containers existing in the current revision

groups Container groups related operations

signal Send signals to Pantavisor

commands Send commands to the Pantavisor state machine

usrmeta User metadata related operations

devmeta Device metadata related operations

buildinfo Dump Pantavisor build info

objects Object related operations

steps Step related operations

config Configuration related operations

To get more information about each command, just type pvcontrol [command] -h. For example, pvcontrol ls -h.


0 Success

1 Syntax error

48 Not enough disk space available

60 Object has bad checksum

70 Step verification has failed

255 Unknown response

Return value layout is organized by command in the following categories for future return values: pvcontrol script errors (1-15), ls (16-31), commands (32-47), objects (48-63), steps (64-79), usrmeta (80-95), devmeta (96-111), buildinfo (112-127), conditions (128-143), config (144-159) and unknown (255).

pvcontrol is Copyright (c) 2022 by Pantacor Ltd.