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Clone Your Systems

If you prefer working from your host computer, the first step is to clone any of the revisions on the device before making any changes to the running device.

This can be done either from the cloud or from the device itself.

Clone from Pantacor Hub cloud

Pantavisor managed systems automatically sync their config and runtime factory state on first contact with their Pantacor Hub instance immediately after claiming your device.

After the sync, the system runtime state is retrieved through a Pantacor Hub endpoint. To make this easy, the pvr cli provides the ability to clone the entire system.

To clone a system, copy the pvr Clone URL that appears in the Pantacor Hub device dashboard and use pvr:

pvr clone my-checkout

pvr asks you to log in, then it downloads the objects and unpacks them locally on disk.

Clone from a local device

You can also clone the currently running revision of a device that is connected to your local network.

First, you will need to know your device IP. If your host computer is in the same network, you can scan your device.

After that, clone the revision into your computer with:

pvr clone my-checkout