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First boot

This section is aimed on users with no experience on Raspberry Pi boot up process.

Before starting up your board, you have to insert your flashed SD card to it. You are also going to have to connect the device to an internet-facing network. This can be done either via Ethernet or WiFi. This whole process is described in the steps bellow:

Insert SD card into the board

Supply power to your board

You can simply do that by connecting a USB micro cable between your computer and your board:

If everything went well, the PWR led (red) should now turn on, while the ACT led (green) will follow blinking. That means the board is up and running.

Set up LAN connection to your board

The board needs to be connected to an internet-facing network. There are two ways to achieve this: connect it to your wireless network or to your cabled network. Choose the option that better suits your network setup, having in mind that cable will result in faster boot time for obvious reasons.


If cable is not an option, you can use WiFi. In order to connect your Raspberry Pi to your WiFi network, you have to indicate the SSID and password to it. We can do this with a smartphone or any other device with wireless capabilities.

First step would be to wait a couple of minutes after boot up until you get a connection with SSID "Wifi Connect" and no password in your smartphone:

After you connect, a captive portal will pop up in your phone:

Enter the portal, you will get something like this. Select your WiFi network and enter your password.

The Raspberry Pi now will store the credentials and will connect to that SSID after every reset.

If you get this page, wait another 2 minutes for the board to reset and set up the connection. Then, go to the next page to claim your device.


If you prefer to connect with cable, you can set that up either connecting your board to your local network or share Internet from your computer.

After the board is up and LAN connection is on, Ethernet led (orange) should start blinking.

If connecting your board directly to your local network is not an option, you can enable internet sharing through Ethernet from your computer. Follow your OS instructions:


NOTE: These instructions are for Ubuntu only.

  1. Click on the network icon and go to Edit Connections...
  2. Double click on your wired connection:
  3. Switch to the IPv4 Settings tab
  4. Select Shared to other computers method
  5. Click on Save...

Mac OS

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Select Sharing Preference Pane
  3. Enable Internet Sharing with the following settings:
  4. Share your connection from: Wi-Fi
  5. To computers using: Ethernet


  1. Go to Network Connections
  2. Open your WiFi connection's properties:
  3. Switch to the Sharing tab
  4. Enable it
  5. Select Ethernet as the Home networking connection
  6. Click on Apply