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Pantavisor Architecture

At a high level, Pantavisor is just in charge of two things: container orchestration and communication with the outside world.

Container Orchestration

The software that is running in a Pantavisor-enabled device at a certain moment is called a revision. A revision is composed by a BSP and a number of containers. Pantavisor is able to go from the current running revision to a new revision in a transactional manner.

Revisions, as well as other relevant data, are stored on-disk in the device to make them persistent.

Communication with the Outside World

Pantavisor-enabled devices need to communicate with the outside world to consume new updates, exchange metadata or send logs. Users can achieve this remotely as well as locally.


Pantavisor can be set up in different ways, offering multi-level configuration as well as several operational init modes.