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Local Control

With local control, we mean the control that is performed from one of the containers running in the revision using the control socket, which offers an HTTP REST API to control and monitor Pantavisor.

This kind of control can be performed even if the device is already claimed in Pantacor Hub. It can also be the only option if you disable remote control or if you install a local revision at any given time, which will interrupt Pantacor Hub remote control unless a go remote command is issued. This behavior can be avoided with the remote always configuration.


Pantabox is the top level control tool that can be run inside of a container. It offers a ncurses user interface that lets you interact with Pantavisor (install new revisions, exchange metadata, reboot or shutdown your device...).

It is included in pvr-sdk, our development platform that is included with the initial devices. To get more info or try it out, ssh your pvr-sdk container and just type the command:


Pantabox is built on top of pvcontrol.


pvcontrol is the CLI control tool that communicates with Pantavisor control socket using cURL. As it is a Pantabox dependency, it generally gets advantage of the latest features of the control socket first.

It is also included in pvr-sdk, included with the initial devices. To try it out, ssh to your pvr-sdk container and just type the command:


Other Local Controllers

In the end, Pantabox and pvcontrol are just HTTP clients that are making use of Pantavisor control socket.

If you want to take advantage of the local control in your own container, first make sure mgmt role is selected in your container. Then, consider importing Pantabox and/or pvcontrol into your container. Besides this option, you can always directly use cURL or any other HTTP client to attack the control socket endpoints.