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Build Pantavisor

For building, the flow is very similar to the Android build system, except that targets are not setup in advance of operations but rather these are conditional on the target and the flow is managed by scripts/

Build your chosen reference device

Once you have chosen a target, a reference device and downloaded the Pantavisor source code, you can now start the building process.

First of all, check you still are in your Pantavisor workspace path. Output of ls should look similar to:

alchemy  bootloader  config
external  internal  kernel  out  scripts  toolchains  vendor

Now, you can execute the script, optionally using the PVR_MERGE_SRC build option if what you want is a fully flashable image:

PVR_MERGE_SRC= ./ rpi64-5.10.y

You can directly clone a device and use the local checkout path adding the .pvr suffix:

pvr clone my-checkout
PVR_MERGE_SRC=my-checkout/.pvr ./ rpi64-5.10.y


For other advaced building options and configuration, check our build options, build components or Pantavisor configuration references.

This will compile all dependencies of the rpi64-5.10.y target build tree and produce:

  • A flashable image according to the values defined in config/rpi64-5.10.y/image.config. You can find the generated image in out/rpi64-5.10.y/rpi64-5.10.y-pv-1024MiB.img that you can use to flash your device.
  • A BSP tarball in out/rpi64-5.10.y/rpi64-5.10.y.pvr.tgz to update your running devices.