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Update CI Reference

This template can be used from a new empty GitLab project.

This script will help you set up your update-ci project: <operation> [options]

  init       initialize project: create device-ci.conf.json
  install    install projcet: generate .gitlab-ci.yml using the contents of device-ci.conf.json


Device CI configuration file has this format:

  "device_list": [..]

This table defines all keys for device-ci.conf.json:

Key Value Default Description
yml_template string mandatory yml template we are going to use
device_list list of devices empty list of updatable devices


This JSON follows this format:

  "build": [..]

The table below explains the necessary keys for each device:

Key Value Default Description
id string mandatory unique name to identify each device
schedule string mandatory Pantacor Hub device name that will be kept automatically updated when GitLab CI is either manually triggered or scheduled
tag string mandatory Pantacor Hub device name that is automatically updated with the contents /recipes when a commit is promoted
image_channel string empty name of the image channel
build list of builds empty list of images per device


Build JSON looks like this:


This table shows the keys for each build:

Key Value Default Description
name string mandatory unique name for the image name of this device
options string empty build options

Environment variables

GitLab CI variables used by the template:

Key Value Default Description
PHUSER string mandatory Pantacor Hub user that owns the to-be-updated devices
PHPASS string mandatory Pantacor Hub password
PH_CIBOT_EMAIL string mandatory Email used for git commits
PH_CIBOT_GITLAB_TOKEN string mandatory GitLab access token for CI bot
PH_CIBOT_GITLAB_USER string mandatory Gitlab user for CI bot. This user needs to have write permissions to the project
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID string empty Amazon AWS access ID
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY string empty Amazon AWS secret key
AWS_BUCKET string empty Amazon AWS bucket name
AWS_PROJECT_PATH string empty Amazon AWS project path
DEPLOY_TRIGGER_PROJECT string empty Project that is going to be triggered after a stable build is passed
DEPLOY_TRIGGER_TOKEN string empty GitLab token with triggering permissions over the deploy project

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to set your variables to Masked so they can not be seen in the GitLab log!


  • Update device: triggering GitLab pipeline either manually or with a pipeline schedule will result in the device BSP and containers being updated, according to whatever information is in their respective src.json.
  • Promote commit: creating a tag over a certain commit in the device project will result in posting each revision in recipes/ to its stable counterpart. It will also build and upload a flashable image to AWS if configured.

Device channel

According to the triggers in the previous section, there are two Pantacor Hub device channels where the revisions will be automatically posted:

  • Schedule device: devices that are kept up to date depending on their respective src.json. On success, device revision metadata is self commited to the device-ci project in recipes/.
  • Tag device: devices that are updated with the contents of the recipes/ when a commit is promoted. Will only be updated if tag device is different than the schedule device.

Image channel

Images are only built in a promotion event and uploaded to AWS if configured. Resulting images are registered in<project-name>/stable.json depending on the channel they belong:

  • Stable: for tags without - character and devices with empty image channel.
  • Release candidate: for tags with "-rc*" suffix and devices with empty image channel.
  • Additional channels: for tags with "-\<image_channel-name>" suffix and devices with a configured image channel.