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Install pvr

Our main development tool is called pvr. It lets you interact with your Pantavisor-enabled device remotely through Pantahub. This CLI will be what you use to clone your device as well as post different demos to it for easy testing and seamless onboarding, among other operations.

Get pvr stable

You can download it from the following locations:

Once downloaded, continue with next section.

Install the pvr binary


To install the Linux version you need to extract and place the binary in your $PATH:

tar xvzf pvr-012.linux.amd64.tar.gz 
mkdir -p ~/bin
cp pvr ~/bin/pvr
chmod +x ~/bin/pvr
export PATH=$PATH:~/bin


To install the Windows version all you need is unzip the binary and place it in a directory to which your user has access and can run executables from. C:\Users\YOURUSER is usually a good location.

Test pvr

Once you have it installed just calling the pvr command from your shell should show you the help menu, where you can get familiarized with the different features that it provides.

You can also take a look at the maintain your system how-to guide for a view on how you can interact with your devices using pvr.

Get last pvr version

If you prefer to use the last pvr version instead of using the stable one, you can do the following:

pvr global-config DistributionTag=develop
pvr self-upgrade

The stored binary will automatically upgrade to the last version.