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BSP CI Reference

This template needs to be imported from a GitLab project with a release.xml and default.xml manifests generated by repo.


To start using the pvdeps-ci template, just import it from your .gitlab-ci.yml:

  project: 'pantacor/ci/device-ci'
  ref: '011'
  file: '/yml/bsp-ci.yml'

To configure the targets for the build jobs, you just need to configure these parameters for each target:

  extends: .build-bsp
    PLATFORM: <platform>
    TARGET: <target>
    PH_TARGET_DEVICE_LATEST: <pantahub-latest-device>
    PH_TARGET_DEVICE_STABLE: <pantahub-stable-device>
  • job-name: Choose any unique name for your job.
  • platform: Build platform.
  • target: Build target.
  • pantahub-latest-device: Pantacor Hub device that will be updated from the GitLab scheduler or when a new commit is pushed.
  • pantahub-stable-device: Pantacor Hub device that will be updated when a new tag is pushed.

For example:

  extends: .build-bsp
    PLATFORM: rpi3
    TARGET: arm-rpi3
    PH_TARGET_DEVICE_LATEST: arm_rpi3_bsp_latest
    PH_TARGET_DEVICE_STABLE: arm_rpi3_bsp_stable

Environment variables

GitLab CI variables used by the template:

Key Value Default Description
PHUSER string mandatory Pantacor Hub user that owns the to-be-updated devices
PHPASS string mandatory Pantacor Hub password

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to set your variables to Masked so they can not be seen in the GitLab log!


  • latest: triggering GitLab pipeline either manually or with a pipeline schedule will result in a BSP build that will be posted to the configured Pantacor Hub latest device for each one of the jobs.
  • stable: creating a tag over a certain commit will result in a BSP build that will be poseted to the configured Pantacor Hub stable device for each job.