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Build Options

Build options reference page for

Key Value Default Description
PVR_MERGE_SRC Clone URL or cloned device path with /.pvr suffix empty Reference device. All containers from that device will be used for the new image
PANTAVISOR_DEBUG yes or no no Include debug tools in Pantavisor binary
MAKEFLAGS build options empty Additional build options to get a more verbose build log. For example: "V=s -j1"
PV_FACTORY_AUTOTOK autotok disabled Set new image to be automatically claimed
PV_BUILD_INTERACIVE true or false true Mean to disable interactive builds for automation
PVR_USE_SRC_BSP yes or no no Avoid building the BSP and use the one from PVR_MERGE_SRC in the final image
PV_PVS_PUB_PEM path to public key empty Copy public key to the initrd rootfs
PV_PVS_CERT_PEM path to CA certificate empty Copy CA certificate to the initrd rootfs
PV_BUILD_PANTAVISOR_BUILDER_PREFIX pantavisor-builder prefix Use a different builder prefix for pantavisor-builder. Used for docker mirrors
PV_BUILD_PANTAVISOR_BUILDER_VERSION pantavisor-builder version 001 Use a different version for pantavisor-builder. Commits, tags and branches can be used
PV_BUILD_TLS_USE_HOST_CACERTS default or path to CA certificate empty Mount CA certificate to pantavisor-builder container. Setting to default will use /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
PV_MERGE_SBOM Path to folder that contains SPDX JSON formated SBOM to merge empty Allows extracting packages from several SBOM documents (SPDX in JSON format) and merge it with Pantavisor SBOM